Some frequently asked questions


Do you offer an edit only service? Top

Certainly! If you've got your own camera and are planning on or have recorded your own wedding video or event but would like it editing then please contact us for a quote.

What cameras do you supply? Top

We currently supply the JVC-GX1 camcorder to couples. This is a top of the range consumer camcorder that shoots in full high definition at 50p, features a 10x zoom and touch panel LCD for ease of use allowing you to quite literally point to what you want to be in focus. It also features image stabilization technology to reduce even the most shaky hands and a zoom microphone so you can capture the vows and speeches. We'll also supply a 64GB SD card which will allow you to film up to 5 hours of footage without even changing cards.

Can we take the camera abroad? Top

Yes you can! We don't automatically supply camera insurance which means you have the flexibility to get insurance for whatever you need - please see the 'Is the camera insured?' section for more information.

How can we check if you're available? Top

Simply book us or contact us. If you book us and we're not available then we'll refund our deposit, but we usually have spare cameras available so this is unlikely to happen.

How do we book you for our wedding video? Top

Simply go to our booking page! All we ask for is a 150 deposit to reserve your date and we'll ask what package you'd like to go for and arrange the final payment closer to your big day.

What happens once we've booked you? Top

Once you've booked us we'll be in contact with you to confirm your booking and collect all the other details we need such as contact details and the camera delivery address. We'll then be in touch 30 days before your wedding day to find out what package you'd like to go for and arrange your final payment and music choices if needed.

How is the camera delivered and collected? Top

Your camera will be delivered and collected by a courier, currently Interlink Express. Your camera will be delivered on the Thursday (or two days) before your wedding to an address of your choice. This gives your chosen friends and family members to get used to camera if need be and also give us some leeway in getting the camera to you. The camera is then collected by the courier on the Monday (or one day) after your wedding again from an address of your choice and during a specific period in the day.

Where can I get the camera delivered to? Top

You can get the camera delivered to and collected from wherever you like - your house, your work address or your wedding venue.

What if the camera doesn't get delivered? Top

All our cameras are posted out on Wednesday (or two days before your event) on a next day service to get to you for Thursday. In the unlikely event that the camera isn't delivered on this day then they will be delivered the following day ready for your wedding. In the HIGHLY unlikely event that the camera still doesn't arrive in time then a full refund will be given but we cannot be held responsible for lack of filming as a result of circumstances that are out of our control.

Are the cameras difficult to use? Top

Not at all. The cameras are very easy to use and even have touch screens to select what you'd like to focus and expose on. We also provide instructional videos for you and your friends to watch before your wedding day, and we deliver cameras two days before your event so your chosen operators can get to grips with them before the day.

What if we have a problem on the day? Top

Because the cameras are very easy to use you shouldn't have any problems. If you do, then you'll find all the instructions included and we're only a phone call away if you do run into difficulty.

Are the cameras insured? Top

The cameras aren't insured and we ask that you provide insurance yourself. Why? We do this because if we were to buy insurance in advance to cover hiring out our cameras we'd have to increase the cost of all our packages by about 100 to cover the massive cost of this. However the cost for you to buy insurance individually is cheaper (around 35) and also more flexible (you can add on EU or Worldwide cover as you need).

What happens after our wedding day? Top

After your wedding we'll get the cameras return by our courier and we'll get all the footage off the cards inside. Depending on your package we'll then either get on to editing all of this footage or burning it all onto a DVD that's watchable in a DVD player or computer.

What if the footage is bad? Top

We've never seen any terrible or unusable footage! The cameras we supply are easy to use so it's very hard to get things terribly wrong (if not impossible!), and as long as your friends take their role seriously then you'll have a great and personal film at the end of it.

Can we choose our own music? Top

If you'd like us to edit your film then definitely! We'll contact you before your day to find out what tracks you'd like and we'll use these throughout your film.

Can we change the film afterwards? Top

In the unlike event that you'd like something changed after you receive your DVD then you can ask us to do this but there will be a pro-rata editing charge for this.

What will get at the end and how many? Top

At the end you'll get one DVD with all your unedited footage on and if you opt for us to edit your film then you'll also get two edited films on DVD supplied in personalised DVD cases.

How quickly will we get our DVD? Top

This varies depending on the season and how much footage got recorded during your wedding day, but we usually aim to get edited DVDs to couples within 2-4 weeks. For unedited DVDs we aim for 1-2 weeks.

Any more questions? Just contact us!